Although a BMT or a PSCT is a non-surgical procedure, the treatment involves destroying all of the patient’s existing bone marrow and allowing new bone marrow to form. This means that, while you are waiting for your bone marrow function to return and your natural blood levels to go back to normal, you will be more susceptible to infection. While your blood levels are still low you will need blood and platelet transfusions and antibiotics to help you to fight infection.

Autologous treatment is likely to cause fewer side-effects than allogeneic treatment as the body recognises its own stem cells so there is no risk of rejection.

Following the transplant you will need to stay in hospital for a few weeks until basic blood levels rise. After this time some hospitals send patients home. However, at BMTU we keep patients for 3-6 months after treatment. In this period you may be able to go out and about, if you want to. Supported accommodation is provided either on or off site, according to your needs and preferences.

Having a bone marrow transplant is physically and emotionally tiring, for you and your loved ones. The network of support and the facilities that we offer to you and your companion are designed to make your stay in Mexico as stress-free as possible. We believe that the unique level of support and care that we provide patients helps them to make a full, quick recovery following the procedure.