Food Hygiene And Neutropenia


Chemotherapy is designed to kill any fast growing cells, such as cancer cells. Unfortunately the drug also kills other healthy cells that grow the fastest, including the hair follicles (which is why chemotherapy usually results in hair loss) and blood cells. A low white blood cell count results in neutropenia, where your neutrophil levels drop… Read more »

Continuity Of Care Could Improve Outcome Of Bone Marrow Transplants


Treating a chronic disease such as bone cancers is not just about the medical intervention. The quality and continuity of care that a patient receives on a physical and emotional level can have a significant impact. When individuals and families face chronic illness and the long path to recovery ahead of them, the affect is… Read more »

Could Aging Cause Blood Cancer?


Most cancers have a distinct cause, or set of causes, that lead to the development of the disease. Attributed to environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors, many cancers can be explained to some extent. Blood cancers aren’t so easy to explain. Some people develop blood cancer as the result of distinct exposure to chemicals, such as… Read more »

Ten Blood Cancer Facts


September is blood cancer awareness month. At Bone Marrow Transplant Mexico we are committed to treating people with bone marrow disorders, including inherited disorders and acquired conditions like blood cancer. Here are ten blood cancer facts. Read them and try to pass them on. Together we can raise awareness of blood cancers, blood cancer treatment,… Read more »

In The News: Could Bone Marrow Transplant Cure HIV?


Two patients with HIV in America have received a bone marrow transplant for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with startling results. Bone Marrow Transplant Mexico conduct bone marrow transplant to cure a variety of diseases that affect bone marrow and blood cell production, from inherited conditions such as aplastic anemia, to acquired diseases like bone marrow cancer. However,… Read more »

Finding a Link between Lymphoma and Celiac Disease: The Study

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The link between celiac disease and lymphoma has been acknowledged for some time. However, it has not been known whether the healing of the intestines or the time it takes to heal can affect the lymphoma risk. Researchers in Sweden set out to determine whether there is a link between villous atrophy, effective treatment of… Read more »

Celiac Disease Could Increase Lymphoma Risk

Inherited disorder

A new study shows that individuals who have poorly controlled celiac disease could be at a greater risk of developing lymphoma. The study, published in the Annals of International Medicine, was conducted by researchers in Sweden who carried out a study of people with celiac disease who had a follow-up gut biopsy after diagnosis. In… Read more »

Bone Marrow Transplant Mexico Celebrates Cord Blood Awareness Month

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July is Cord Blood Awareness Month. This month professional bodies all over the world will place emphasis on educating individuals, particularly expectant families, on the advantages of cord blood banking. Cord blood banking can help you, your family members and people you have never even met before, to overcome serious disease. People shy away from… Read more »